Tag & Track Items Easily With Plastic Barcode Tags and Labels

Label Outlet offers a wide variety of plastic barcode labels for any type of identification or tracking application.  Known for the durability and quality of our plastic barcode products,  we guarantee you will be satisfied with your label or asset tag purchase and barcode readability.  If you need a customized plastic label construction or style not currently available on Label Outlet, contact us directly and we'll design any type of label to meet your specific needs. 

Designed for lightweight applications, PolyTrac Bronze labels are ideal for tracking assets in mild environments that need a tag that is more durable than a paper label.

PolyTrac Silver labels are designed for tracking assets in mild environments that need a tag that is more abrasion resistant and durable than PolyTrac Bronze

Constructed with subsurface printing, PolyTrac Gold labels are made for tracking assets in moderate environments that need a durable label construction.

Discourage theft and tampering with Tamper-Evident Labels. Designed to leave "VOID" when the label is removed; helps alert personnel of meddling or mishandling of items.

Destructible Labels, made from a material that tears apart if removed or tampered with, are a unique way to protect items from theft, label transfer or product mislabeling.

Hang tags are ideal where labels cannot be affixed directly. Our sturdy construction allows our hang tags to be thin, yet rigid, offering excellent resistance to bending and tearing.

Rearview Mirror Tags are an optimal choice for temporary or permanent access control in parking lots, gated communities and anywhere vehicles come and go.