Labels, Asset Tags, & Nameplates

When it comes to Asset Tags and Asset Labels, especially Bar Code Labels, did you ever wish for a place where you just walk in, look around and browse for a while? A place you can get full service for all your Property Tags, Property ID Labels, and Nameplate needs, and if you need it, find assistance for custom designed tags, logos, graphics, colors, shapes and/or types?

That’s what the LabelOutlet.Com is all about.

The LabelOutlet.Com provides durable Labels, Nameplates, and Property Tags for varied environments ranging from mild to harsh. Our specialty is providing Bar Code Labels and Serialized or Unserialized Property Tags and Nameplates for the tracking and identifying of Fixed Assets, Equipment, Inventory, Property and various Processes.

Although you’ve found us on the Internet, LabelOutlet is a “brick and mortar” company with a friendly and professional Customer Service staff waiting to help you with your label purchase. Give us a call at 866-916-5600 from 8:30 to 5:00 Central time, and let us help you find the Custom Designed Label or Nameplate that’s perfect for your needs!

Choosing The Right Label


General office conditions with average temperatures and possible minor exposure to some chemicals and cleaning products.


Indoor or general outdoor use with moderate or intermittent exposure to some chemicals, cleaning solutions and temperatures. Uses might include warehouse control and in-plant fixed assets


Harsh indoor/outdoor conditions with exposure to some or all of the following: abrasion, caustics/acids, solvents, and extreme temperature variations. Uses might include refineries, hospitals and labs, manufacturing facilities, fugitive emissions tracking and tool control.
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