Destructible Labels

Secure Valuable Assets With Security Labels

Product Features: 
  • Destructible material tears apart if removal is attempted deterring theft or unauthorized asset transfer
  • Unique coating aids in destruction of label and protects bar code and/or copy from cleaning as well as mild abrasion
  • Durable polyethylene material easily conforms to uneven or radius surfaces
  • Digital printing process ensures bar code readability as well as crisp, clean company logos

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Destructible Labels Pricing / price per tag at qty
1.25" x .5"$1.59$1.10$0.71$0.48$0.21$0.16$0.14$0.12
1.5" x .5"$1.59$1.10$0.71$0.49$0.22$1.06$0.14$0.12
1.5" x .75"$1.64$1.15$0.77$0.52$0.25$0.20$0.17$0.16
1.75" x .5"$1.60$1.12$0.73$0.49$0.22$0.17$0.15$0.13
2" x .625"$1.65$1.16$0.78$0.52$0.25$0.20$0.17$0.16
2" x .75"$1.12$1.20$0.81$0.54$0.27$0.21$0.19$0.17
2" x 1"$1.53$1.11$0.78$0.51$0.28$0.24$0.22$0.20