PolyTrac Economy Labels

Cost Effective Paper Labels

Product Features: 
  • Affordable paper-based labels that perform well in mild environments
  • Digital printing process ensures barcode and text readability as well as crisp, clean company logos
  • .0032” thick semi-gloss paper that can conform to almost any object
  • .0006” thick standard pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds well to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Custom colors, designs and sizes for any project

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PolyTrac Economy Labels Pricing / price per tag at qty
2" x 1"$1.12$0.78$0.56$0.48$0.46$0.40$0.32$0.21$0.16$0.11
1.5" x .75"$0.51$0.32$0.31$0.24$0.22$0.15$0.14$0.08$0.06$0.05
1.5" x .5"$0.51$0.32$0.31$0.24$0.22$0.15$0.14$0.08$0.06$0.05
1.75" x .5"$0.59$0.43$0.35$0.31$0.27$0.17$0.15$0.09$0.08$0.06
2" x .625"$0.59$0.43$0.35$0.31$0.27$0.17$0.15$0.09$0.08$0.06
1.25" x .5"$0.51$0.32$0.31$0.24$0.22$0.15$0.14$0.08$0.06$0.05
2" x .75"$0.59$0.43$0.35$0.31$0.27$0.17$0.15$0.09$0.08$0.06